IMCS Pax Romana SUMMER SCHOOL 2017 In Indonesia

The IMCS-Pax Romana 2017 Summer School took place on Flores Island in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Facilitated by Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Katolik Republik Indonesia (PMKRI), It was 10 days event, travelling from Larantuka in the far east, to Labuan bajo on the west coast.

The theme of the summer school was: “Student in Solidarity: reaching peripheries through social immersion and training session on Human right and Social justice”. The participants, had the opportunity not only to get theoretical knowledge on these subjects but also had practical experiences related to access to water and quality education.

The session of Flores-Indonesia from 7th to 17th July brought together 50 students from 23 countries of  the 4 corners of the world to build praxis in a multicultural environment on the socialization and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. This was a real opportunity to develop awareness of students about the challenges facing humanity in an unstable international context marked by religious conflicts, plagued resignation to individualism and the deterioration of the conditions of life of vulnerable populations.

In addition to the importance for students to have international intercultural contacts to deepen their analytical skills and their openness, it has been shown significant or urgent need to operationalize consistent frameworks for youth exchange, conduct discussions, to be trained and learn to act on situations according to the teaching of the social doctrine of the church and particularly of the encyclical Laudato Si. It was also the time to exchange on the SDGs which need to be achieved for the next 13 years.

The proposed activities are a life transforming opportunity for participants to the extent that it is given them to discover other realities, exchange with students from other countries, to acquire theoretical and practical skills enabling them to challenge and take personal and collective initiatives to return to their home countries for the promotion of human rights and fundamental human values.

This summer school has the particularity to happen in different cities of Flores Island and had different kind of activities

  • Training sessions on Intercultural dialogue, Human right, Leadership and social justice
  • Cultural meetings with indigenous communities
  • Exposures
  • Physical participation to the activities of renovation of a school building and mosque building

A video summarizing the activities is available online here :

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