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From 23 to 24 May 2016, IMCS Pax Romana has participated in the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul (Turkey). Our movement was represented by Edouard Karoue (International President), Christophe Dekki (the leader of the IMCS advocacy team in New York) and Chantal Afou Bengaly (Outgoing The Pan African Coordinator of IMCS).

The summit convened by Ban Ki Moon follows the current global humanitarian crisis caused by insecurity in some part of our planet. This meeting aimed to bring all world leaders (Heads of States and Governments, civil society organizations, international organizations, etc.) to give a definitive answer to the suffering of thousands of people.

Despite the absence of some States, the summit was privileged to bring together great personalities aware of shared responsibility in the current suffering of vulnerable populations. Outside the plenary that allowed the leaders to make accurate statements, side events were held to discuss in depth the specific problems of some localities.

Moreover, in the line of the Youth Forum (held from 21 to 22), a round table on youth took place. The roundtable bringing together leaders representing youth organizations, governments and international organizations invested in humanitarian action, has to share around the Pact of organizations in humanitarian actions. This pact is summarizing 5 Core lines was ratified by several organisations, IMCS Pax Romana as well.

At the end of this summit, we hope all participating organizations are aware of the situation and make the necessary means to reduce the suffering of millions of people, most of whom are forced into exile.

IMCS PAX ROMANA, in the line of his fight to protect the most vulnerable and build communities of solidarity and in accordance with its strategic plan 2016‐2019, will focus on support for refugees (especially students) and intercultural dialogue as a response to the current humanitarian crisis.

We hope that you will accompany us throughout this process. We all are responsible of vulnerable people

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