Paxromana Milestones

Year Location Theme Speakers
Pax Romana Milestones
July 1921 Fribourg,
1st World Congress
August 7-9, 1922 Fribourg, Switzerland 2nd World Congress
18- 20 September, 1923 Salzburg, Austria 3rd World Congress
1 Budapest, Hungary 4th World Congress
5-8 September, 1925 Bologna 5th World Congress
September, 1926 Amsterdam 6th World Congress
August, 1927 Warsaw, Poland 7th World Congress
August, 1928 Cambridge, Oxford, and London England 8th World Congress
Examination, from the triple point of view, historical, philosophical and ethical of the causes of the divorce between the spirit of the world today and that of Catholicism
Fr. Fulton Sheen (USA)
1929 Seville, Spain 9th World Congress
“Doctrinal Value of Catholicism from the Cultural Point of View”
August, 1930 Munich, Germany 10th World Congress
1931 Fribourg 11th World Congress
“The University and the Catholic Student”
1932 Bordeaux, France 12th World Congress
“International and Social Order”
August, 1933 Luxembourg 13th World Congress
“Social Work of the University Student”
1934 Rome, Italy Catholic Students’ Pilgrimage to Rome
“Catholic Action in the University”
Welcomed by Pope Pius XI
1935 Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia, and Prague, Czechoslovakia 14th World Congress
“New Man in a New Age”
25 July to August 2, 1936 Salzburg, Austria 15th World Congress

“The mission of the Catholic university people in contemporary culture”

“The mission of Catholic Action within the framework of Pax Romana – religious, philosophical, cultural, professional and social formation-.”

28 July to 3 August 1937 Paris, France 16th World Congress “Unemployment among University Graduates” “Experiences of student in their social work” At the same time as the World Exhibition of the Catholic Press
30 April to May 1, 1938 Vaduz, Liechtenstein Pax Romana Inter-Federal Assembly
22 to 28 August, 1938 Ljubljana, Yugoslavia 17th World Congress “The Catholic Student in Face of the Problem of Communism”
“Attitude to Adopt to Block Communist Penetration into Student Circles”
Dr. Miha Krek

Cyril H. Lott

Fr. Joseph Cardijn

Robert Regout, SJ

Pierre-Henri Simon

August 27th – 1 September 1939 Washington, DC and New York, USA 18th World Congress “The Role of the University in Catholic Action”
June, 1946 Salamanca, Spain 19th World Congress

“The great problems of the hour on moral as well as social and cultural planes and, deduced from this, the future of Pax Romana: the apostolate in university circles, the affirmation of the rights of the individual in the face of abusive interventions of the State and the perils menacing Christianity”

10 – 19 March, 1946 Lima, Peru Second Inter-American Pax Romana Assembly
27 August to 5 September 1946 Fribourg, Switzerland 20th World Congress – The Jubilee Congress “The Christian Duty of the University Student” Foundation of YCS
April, 1947 Fribourg Foundation of ICMICA
April 3 to 10, 1948 SPA, Belgium Inter-Federal Assembly NNCF Admitted
1949 Mexico Inter-Federal Assembly
19 to 26 August, 1950 Amsterdam 21st World Congress

“The Catholic Intellectual and the World Order”
“The Meaning of Liberty and the University of Today?”

Vittorino Veronese

Joseph Piller

Richard Pattee

E. Reut-Nicolussi