From 15th to 21st October, IMCS Pax Romana, as active member of UN Major Group for Children and Youth has participated at the UN Habitat III meeting on new urban agenda in Quito with other young leaders.
How young people could be involved in the follow up and achievement of the new urban agenda so that no one is left behind? How reduce the gap between vulnerable citizen and rich ones? How technology and innovation could help involve more young people in the urban planification? How young professionals could be an opportunity for the new cities in their development?
These are some of the questions young people represented try to answer to with lot of exchanges, reflections, interactions with UN institutions. 

Beyond all the workshops, side events and meeting to which young leaders attended individually or collectively, the UN MGCY launched the Quito Youth Commitment with the participation of the UN General Assembly president and some mayors.
In the line of QYC( Quito Youth Commitment), IMCS Pax Romana Is planning a training program for his grassroot organizations so that they can participate fully to the implementation and the follow up of the New Urban Agenda.

IMCS Pax Romana was represented by the President Karoue Edouard, Sameh Kamel (Member of UN advocacy team of IMCS Pax Romana) and Chris Dekki, Leader of IMCS Pax Romana UN advocacy team.

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