In Nepal there used to be in the past an IMCS group but it wasn’t functioning anymore. The regional coordinator of IMCS Asia Pacific started communication with the local church and made
some efforts to involve Catholic tertiary students in regional and international activities with no success.
The international team of IMCS, represented by the Secretary General of IMCS Evelina Manola, accompanied by the regional coordinator of IMCS Asia Pacific Ravi Tissera, visited Nepal in an effort to reestablish a national movement of IMCS.
Making an assessment of the situation of the Catholic university students in Nepal during the first days, it was discovered that a Catholic action movement as IMCS Pax Romana was not only missing but also needed and requested by some of the students. The IMCS representatives met with some of the youth leaders as well as with representatives of the Catholic Church who work with youth. An official meeting with the Bishop of Nepal Rev. Paul Simick took place on the 23rd October 2016. Rev. Paul Simick knew very well the IMCS movement and its mission and identified the need of having a group there. His Excellency gave with pleasure his permission to start discussions with St. Xavier’ s College which is run by Jesuit Fathers and has some Catholic Students. The same day a meeting was organized with the principal College and since as he showed their willing to start a movement for the Catholic students, he agreed to start as soon as possible an IMCS unit. The unit officially started with a mass on the 16th November 2016