International Movement of Catholic Students – Pax Romana
International Media Commission
Terms of Reference
Paris, 20 September 2016
IMCS Pax Romana Media Commission (IMC)


The International Movement of Catholic of Students – Pax Romana (IMCS) has a long history of advocacy and social commitment in different parts of the world. From the earliest days of movement’s involvement in the UN, IMCS has mobilized its members around critical intergovernmental processes that have had wide reaching impact on policy at all levels of governance.  Now, the UN Advocacy Team of IMCS is heavily engaged in a number of platforms and spaces for youth-led organizations, namely the UN Major Group for Children and Youth (UN MGCY) and the International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organizations (ICMYO).  Through these platforms, the UN Advocacy Team is working in partnership with other youth-led and youth-serving movements, as well as likeminded NGOs, to ensure that social justice and human rights are the cornerstones of the policy frameworks adopted by Member States of the UN.


  • Maximizing the media and communication outcomes of IMCS – Pax Romana;
  • More involvement of students from the grassroots to the international level social commitment and administration;
  • Training the future leaders of the International Human rights media advocacy and lay catholic leaders equipped with new knowledge through practical work;
  • Give a frame for students in Medias studies to share their experiences with other students from other part of the world;
  • Build the capacity of IMCS members in Media studies and media awareness;
  • Give opportunities of participation in international platforms and meetings (conferences) to members interested (or studying) medias/ communication


The Media Commission will consist of young people with basic knowledge of media and showing willingness to learn and to contribute to the role given to them. Participation is open to friends and the members of the movement but taking into consideration regional and gender balance. The Media Commission Coordinator has to be a member of the movement.

To be eligible for a recommendation letter from the international team, members have to serve a minimum mandate of one (1) full year.

Organization of the IMC:

This commission will have the responsibility to  work on IMCS Pax Romana communication affairs, and to participate in international platforms through communication domains. Work on all topics linked to communications included in IMCS Pax Romana interest, manage the website, and all the communication need for the international office. The IMC is also responsible for collecting informations from regions, national movements and publishing it, organising communication, proposing communication plan around the world and designing the documents to be published by the international team.

  • Core Team:
    • International Team
    • Expert Support Personnel(s) ESP
  • Production team (PT):
        • Designs
        • Audio Visual
        • Media Archival
        • Promotion Materials
  • Public Relations (PR)
      • Social Media (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, etc.)
      • Mass Media Relations
      • Events Management

Core Team

It comprises of International Team, Regional Coordinators, Media Commission Coordinator, Production Team Head and Public Relations Head. It also called as content team adding to production team and PR team forms Media Commission. Main objective is to plan media strategy for IMCS for short and long term goals.

Production Team (PT)

Major role of production team is to produce media products which is proposed and outlined by Core team. Team of at least eight (8) members will be selected by the Core Team (according to guidelines set by the International Team). Capacity building training will be given in regards to Print, Audio and Video production. This team meets at least once a year to discuss and plan for production of the upcoming year.

Public Relations

Minimum of three (3) members that will be selected by the Core Team according to selection process decided by Core Team. Basic media knowledge considered while selection but it’s not limited to. Willingness to contribute to the movement should be the considered as priority. Capacity building training will be given to the members in Social Media promotions, Event managements.


To apply, fill the application form HERE

If you need more clarifications, send a mail to before the 31st of May 2017