Eco Week-Ends (EWEs) will consist on three days capacity building sessions where the trainers will develop the gravity of the actual environmental challenges, develop new paradigms as showed in Laudato Si, make a contextualized analysis of the ecological situation in the locality, make a critical analysis on lifestyles proposed and the possibilities of application in their families, Universities, among their friends, etc. The session will evocate as well change making strategies to help participants plan issue-focused actions in their communities after the session. The application form will help to identify some locality to develop some small project on waste management or green economy as follow up of the training and resilience income for students communities. The EWEs are planned to be realized in 10 grassroots student’s communities in order to reach directly 700 trainees and realize 5 small ecological projects.

For these EWEs, the International Team of IMCS Pax Romana, will be responsible of the implementation. According to the local realities, it could involve some religious or/and specific experts and IMCS Pax Romana local leaders in the training and local situation analysis.

The IT will proceed by selection to choose the local groups which will benefit on the training based on some criteria that are in the call for application. Some months before the training session, the local Organizing Committee (LOC) for the EWEs will discuss with the IT to plan the venue and prepare the tools for the event. The LOC will be responsible of the local logistic and communication for the event and the realization of issue-focused actions/projects. The International Team of IMCS opted to proceed by selection to choose the local organizations which will benefit this project in order to have the places where the need is higher and where it will have more impacts since it could not be realized in all localities asking to have it.

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