Short film competition

Short Films Festival (SFF)”  aims to involve more young people in the promotion of good values in daily life by using their knowledge in technologies. It consists on a competition of the best short films which will be choose by measuring the quality and clarity of the message and the capacity of the script to raise awareness on sustainable lifestyles. The criteria of notation include the number of people the video reached on social media and that will make participants look for a wide target since they will have awards (for the three best). The target is 25000 views from 2017 to 2018.

For the Short Film Festival (SFF), a call for participation will be launched and all the young people interested will fill a form. After the list of participants is settled, a small training on filmmaking will be coordinated by an expert on film making. That will include the explanation of the procedure of the competition and the criteria of selection. After that, a timeline will be given to them to produce their films. When the films are ready, they will be uploaded on IMCS Youtube channel where they will be asked to reach more people as a criterion of selection.

The expert on filmmaking, responsible of the IMCS Media’s Team as well, will be responsible of this competition. The winners of the competitions will receive their awards at the International Council of IMCS in August 2017.

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The applications should be submitted before 30 of April 2017