IMCS Pax Romana Twitter Chat on the International Women Day

IMCS Pax Romana Twitter Chat on the International Women Day

Statistics reveal gender gaps in all the key areas namely: Health, Poverty, Education, Economy, Violence, Armed conflict, power & decision making and education. Women remain great untapped reservoir of talents thus countries are not maximizing their productivity and this generally affects economies. There is need of enhancing activism to champion women inclusion to bridge this gender inequalities.

Though gradual, activism has promoted, social, political, economic and environmental reforms. It has also awaken instincts on the need to make improvements in the society.

With different dynamics, activism in rural and urban require different approaches to achieve results.

We must recommend the gender affirmative actions in countries to foster gender equality. However, we need to widen activism approaches to address. In as much as we are working on changing policies we should also focus on approaches that harmonizes the society for efficiency. Men should be involved at all levels.

IMCS Pax Romana, in order to celebrate women on this day invite all young people to join this reflexion time on twitter to exchange on the following questions:

1. What are some of the dynamics in rural and urban activism?

2. We have been seeing strict laws to foster gender equity which often isn’t owned by some stakeholders in your opinion, what harmonious approaches can we employ in gender activism to transform women?

3. In your opinion, what are the key transformations in women courtesy of gender activism?

4. What is the space of men in the success of activism towards gender equality?

5. How best can we connect global activism that transform women in our grassroots for bigger impact?

The Guest Speaker if Mildred Kisiangani From Kenya

To track the discussions flow, use the hashtag #WomenIMCS

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