From 28th October to 1st November 2016, the International Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs (IMICA- Pax Romana) held it 32nd Plenary Assembly in Barcelona. The delegates from all the continents was more than 100 representing national or regional federations of the movement. The theme chosed to reflect on the spirituality of the movement and renew the commitment during the assembly is “from indifference to mercy. Our commitment?

The first days was consecrated to reflections and planification and at the last days, it was the time to reflect on internal challenges and renew the leadership towards the movement at the international level. The elections made a new team composed by Kevin Ahern (Assistant Professor from New York) as International President and Philippe Ledouble (From France) As Secretary General.

The flow was given to IMCS as well to present a short description of the work done during the last months.

Beyond the work realized during this assembly, it was a great opportunity for IMCS Pax Romana to meet physically his former leaders and learn from their experiences as students leaders.