How IMCS Works Within the UN System

How IMCS works within the UN System and its impact on youth movements.

IMCS has positioned itself as an indispensable youth-led movement within the UN System.  Thanks to its central role in a number of critical platforms at the UN, IMCS has become a key facilitator of youth movement participation.  Through ICMYO, the UN MGCY, and other platforms, IMCS is centrally positioned to coordinate youth engagement throughout the UN.  As a result, the advocacy work of IMCS at the UN has a major impact on youth movements.  Partner organizations like the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), the World Alliance of YMCAs, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA), the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY), AIESEC, and others all look to IMCS for assistance when it comes to effective UN advocacy.  On multiple occasions, these organizations have requested and continue call upon IMCS to provide trainings and capacity building to the members of their movements.

Without the diligent work of the IMCS UN Advocacy Team, many opportunities available to critical youth organizations would be lost.  This is because IMCS is able to coordinate with other youth movements in terms of meetings and events that take place in New York.  An example of this can be seen in terms of the high number of youth-led organizations that participated in the Global Youth Policy Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan in October 2014.  IMCS’ presence in New York meant that it was able to play a central role in the planning of the event with the UN and helped ensure that key youth organizations from ICMYO and the UN MGCY were invited to attend and participate in sessions.  Besides that event, IMCS played a central planning and coordination role in the ECOSOC Youth Forums, as well as the massive 2014 World Conference on Youth in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where Christopher Dekki of the IMCS UN Advocacy Team was seconded to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development in Sri Lanka to work directly with the Government of Sri Lanka, the UN, and other youth organizations to prepare for the conference.

Key activity (lobbying, leadership, etc.) of the movement in the history of the UN System.

The key activity of IMCS in terms of the history of the UN, very simply, is advocacy.  Advocacy is more than just lobbying, it is an activity that requires knowledge, leadership, cooperation, and coordination in order to be successful.  IMCS has always been active in lobbying UN Member States during intergovernmental processes, but it has done much more than that.  As a leader within the youth sector at the UN, IMCS’ advocacy is a force in and of itself.  In terms of impact, IMCS has helped facilitate the voices of youth in key intergovernmental processes, like the negotiations that created the SDGs.  IMCS is constantly on the ground at key UN meetings collaborating with others and preparing interventions to make an impact on intergovernmental processes.  Moreover, IMCS has co-organized side events with organizations active in ICMYO and the UN MGCY as to further promote the positions of young people in key UN processes.