International President
Edouard Pihèwa KAROUE


My name is Edouard Pihèwa KAROUE and I am Togolese. I was studying sociology Policy in third cycle at  the University of Lomé when I was elected as International president of IMCS Pax Romana at the World  Assembly held in Tagaytay City (Philippines) in August 2015.

I was in my second year of university when I first heard this movement. It was not a large group that could  do a lot of noise or incite a revolution. But I found wealth for myself because of its large social base of  intellectual and theological reflection. It was this movement that let me discover the Catholic social teaching   and all the meaning it gives to the commitment of Christians in society.

Indeed,  this  movement  showed  me  how  faith  can  be  lived  in  practice  by  enhancing  our  intellectual  capabilities / practices to do in the society what God would have done in our place. It is in this sense that  IMCS Pax Romana takes a heavy dimension for me.

As I was learning about and getting into the movement, I saw how I could be useful to the society. In short,  with this movement, I experienced the joy of being a servant and it propelled me further in my own research.  International meetings were always for me the occasions of self questionning, learning, friendship and all  those were building myself by giving me new analytical tools. I will not deny that this journey was helpful  in my studies to the extent that I received more information and I met other cultures, my relational horizon  widened as my ability to find myself.

IMCS  Pax  Romana  in  today’s  society  has  a  crucial  position  because  the  crisis  are  challenging  the  responsibility of leaders in becoming.It is up to them to turn the tide of the reality always marked by so  much inequalities and fundamentalism; all overseen by the increasing of anti­values and relativism. The key  to this reversal arising is the ownership by the youth of today of a wise approach to modernism and  knowledge, of the human dignity and of a new more human and accountable lifestyle.

It is with great pleasure that I fill the function of International President of this rich movement in which we  are both subject and object of  what we deal with. I very much hope to see many young people, myself  included, discovering the truth step by step in their choices and join the good initiatives that we may be  proud one day leaving a healthier world for our children.