“Building Bridges: Protecting Migrants by Empowering Students”: Call for Participants

“Building Bridges: Protecting Migrants by Empowering Students”: Call for Participants

Dear friends,


Greetings from the International Team of IMCS Pax Romana!

We have the great pleasure to invite your movement to nominate candidates for our International Council which will take place in Foligno in Italy from 28th August (arrival day) to 8th September (departure day) 2017. The Council will consist of two parts; the first part will be a Study Session with the theme:  “Building Bridges: Protecting Migrants by Empowering Students” and in the second part we will have our statutory session.


All participants should:

  • Be students (young people), active members of their National Movements
  • Be 18-30 years old
  • Have a good knowledge on their national movement
  • Be motivated to participate actively in the meeting
  • Have some experience in youth activities and youth policy
  • Be willing/ able to function as multipliers back in their movement
  • Be motivated towards the given subject
  • Be able to work in English, French and/or Spanish

In order to apply for this activity, you have to submit online the Application Form. The deadline for receiving the applications is the 3rd June 2017. After receiving the applications we will inform your movement of the participants confirmed and we will send them the “Participants’ File”.  Please note that we are asking you to book your tickets only after your participation is confirmed.

The Study Session…

The idea of implementing a Study Session with the theme “Building Bridges: Protecting Migrants by Empowering Students” derives from the results of an internal survey which highlighted the topic of migration as an necessity to work for and was chosen by all the movement members as priority in our plan of action. Indeed, the so-called refugee crisis calls IMCS members to reach out their mission in the society by fighting for the protection of migrants’ rights, mobilizing people for the promotion of their integration, taking concrete actions and advocating in the UN platforms in which we are present. Undoubtedly, the growing number of people suffering calls us to take action, especially regarding the migrant and refugee students’ conditions.

We are living in a time where conflicts around the world are increasing, the environment is being destroyed and more and more people are forced to move away from their countries. At the same time, the lack of opportunities, unemployment and unequal access to resources have been the root causes of migration. People fleeing war, conflicts and poverty, or simply looking for a better future and educational opportunities, often find themselves in a strange land where their human rights are not respected and there are no adequate policies for their protection.

Within the IMCS mission of social justice, the overall goal of this study session is to empower youth leaders and Catholic students to work and advocate for the inclusion of refugees and migrants in societies and especially for the young refugees and asylum seekers who lack of equal opportunities in their host countries.

“Building Bridges: Protecting Migrants by Empowering Students” is a Study Session in which integral and non-formal education will be used as the basic learning method. The methodology that will be used is Reflection – Action – Reflection and participants will be expected to make decisions and plan concrete activities in order to fight and advocate for the inclusion of youth migrants in our societies.

Specific Objectives:

  • To enhance participants’ knowledge on the legal framework relating to refugees and raise awareness on migration issues.
  • To reflect on the role of the Christian community on the current situation of migration.
  • To strengthen the competences of young student leaders in advocating in migration issues.
  • To develop new initiatives and projects related to the integration of migrants and education of young refugees and asylum seekers.
  • To strengthen existing or create strong networks between national movements and other university structures interested in supporting refugees.

The International Council…

In order to promote understanding, accountability and coresponsibility (even in financial matters) between the different service structures of the IMCS, several elected national movements, the Regional Teams and the International   Team will make up the IMCS International Council. The Council will meet at least twice between two World Assemblies (Highest Governing Body of IMCS).

The functions of the International Council are:

  • To monitor and help the implementation of the decisions of the World Assembly;
  • To address any pressing or urgent issues facing IMCS and to plan for the next year;
  • To decide on the admission or expulsion of correspondent members;
  • To exchange on, and to engage in the analysis of, the situation of the milieu and the movement, the celebration of faith and to promote formation on issues related to the IMCS orientations;
  • To reflect on the activities and actions of the International and Regional Teams, including the financial policies and situations, ensuring their coordination. In order to help the reflection, external resource persons can be invited to assist, in particular the members of the IMCS Financial Commission.
  • To prepare the next international meeting (Council or World Assembly).


Participation Fee

Participants will have to pay a participation-fee of 50€ which will be deducted from the travel reimbursements.

Travel Expenses and reimbursement

According to our Reimbursement System, the travel expenses of the participants will be 80% reimbursed, in line with the following criteria:

  • Participants must necessarily attend more than 80% of the activity;
  • Originals or copies of ALL travel tickets indicating the price, as well as a copy (soft and hard copy) of its invoice/receipt, must be provided;
  • The travel costs of the participant from his/her permanent residence to the activity venue are at the lowest possible rates (all the possible discounts are used);
  • Local public transport (tram, bus, metro, train…), (NOT taxi!).

The reimbursement will be done during the activity in Euro after deducting the participation fee of 50€. We remind that this system strongly takes into consideration that participants are attending the meeting as members of a national movement. Therefore, we raise awareness for the fact that the role of the movements in supporting / encouraging participation in the meeting must be reinforced.

Venue and Accommodation

The activity will take place at the Youth Center of the Diocesan Caritas of Foligno in Italy. Accommodation and meals will be provided by the organizers.

Working Languages

The working languages will be English, French and Spanish.


Visa costs will be reimbursed by the organizers. International office of IMCS Pax Romana will issue invitation letter that should facilitate the delivery of visas to attend the conference.


Further Information

Should you have any questions or you need further information, please contact the International Secretariat by email: office@imcs-miec.org, office.imcsmiec@gmail.com.

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