what we do


what we do


To achieve the objectives and meet the challenges facing the Catholic student milieu, IMCS has developed a number of ways and methods that are present in most all national groups.


a. Celebration

At all levels of IMCS, celebrations play an important role in forming communities of faith, in fostering joy and in building commitment.  An important celebration is the celebration of the Mass, where students can encounter God and one another.

b. Active Involvement

IMCS and its members strive to respond to issues of the university and the society in which it is located with a view to making the Christian values of justice, love, and equality more present.

c. Formation Events

From the local to the international level, IMCS provides various formation events the faith and in the Church, as well as integrated individual and social formation. An important tool in formation used by many IMCS groups is to organize exposure programs to open the hearts of students to other realties.

d. Conferences and Study Sessions

Since its founding IMCS has seen the importance of gathering representatives of its member movements for reflection, critical analysis, and the development of action plans. These various meetings at the international and national levels have often produced important, influential and enlightening reflection documents and action plans. One form of meeting used since the beginning of IMCS at all levels of the movement is the study session.

e. Publications and Communication

In order to deepen solidarity and to create effective change, IMCS groups at all levels see the importance of developing strong communication. Through the publication of newsletters, books, websites and resource guides, IMCS helps not only to connect students with each other but helps in formation and support of local groups. In order to deepen the sense of internationality within the movement, IMCS at the global level focuses on the publication of newsletters, a website, circular letters, and regular communication. Their aim is to keep the national movements (as well as partner organizations and friends of the movement) informed of reflections and activities at the international level, and to enable an exchange of views between the regions and between the national movements.

f. Representation and Advocacy

An important part of IMCS is the representation of Catholic students in various forums at all levels. As a Non-Governmental Organization in Consultative Status with the United Nations ECOSOC and as a recognized International Catholic Organization, IMCS-Pax Romana has a mission to represent and advocate on behalf of Catholic university students, especially its members at the United Nations and with the Vatican. IMCS empowers its members to lead this representation by advocating for and with students, the poor, and the marginalized.

g. Collaboration

IMCS also places an importance in collaborating with movements sharing similar objectives. IMCS participates in many gatherings of other like-minded organizations including the Conference of International Catholic Organizations (ICOs), the Group 8 (specialized Catholic Action Movements) and the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations (CONGO).  IMCS has had and continues to have deep relationships with ICMICA, based in our common history, identity, and global advocacy work as Pax Romana and with the World Student Christian Federation, based in our common space in working with Christian students in the post-secondary level.

IMCS has a special relationship with the International Young Catholic Students (IYCS), based in our common mission to evangelize the student milieu. This common mission has led the two movements to develop collaboration at the regional and international levels. IMCS and IYCS have joint regional coordinations in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

h. Inter-Cultural Dialogue

IMCS brings together students from different cultures in ways which celebrate these differences and promote tolerance, solidarity and peace.