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At the entrance of this century, the world has been marked by major technological innovations, some of  which  are  of  unimaginable  creativity.  Lives  have  changed  considerably  with  the  emergence  of  new  practices of which usefulness is often critical. All in all, we are in the information age which has not  revealed everything. Paradoxically, at the same time, there is a general deterioration marked by poverty,  injustice,  environmental  challenges,  conflicts,  etc.,  defining  sadly  the  inefficiency  of  the  current  development model.

It is clear that the type of leadership(1) adapted to the current challenges largely includes a new conception of  life when human wisdom (marked by accountability, spirituality and human values) should have space in all  knowledge or intellectual performances.

If the church and some independent organizations raise a new awareness about the need to revitalize the  conceptual paradigm of governance and management of our world, university education, the ultimate stage  of preparation to various professional responsibilities, should make us think; given the state / nature of universities  around the world.

From the progressive discrediting of human values and critical analysis in education to the bargaining  of knowledge through  the great inequality of access to knowledge, there is something to ask great questions today. The emergence  of  economic intentions behind some higher education structures increases the fear to see universities being  summarized to an informative role, where just one acquires practical knowledge while human maturity /  wisdom that gives more meaning in life disappears(2).

What are the weaknesses (challenges) of  the education in your local universities?

What forms of education  for a new generation are aware of the possibility of early man as a creature worthy of God, in all  intellectual and / or technical concern?

The commitment of the young Catholic (in IMCS for example) is it  complement or failed opportunity for contemporary intellectual culture? In witch way?

What have you  learned, what did you see and what have you experienced in IMCS Pax Romana and inspired you?

The FORUM(3) 2016 of IMCS Pax Romana, would collect your articles on this poignant theme of university  education today by including sub topics like the ones presented below. Each article proposal can not be  written about more than one chosen topic.

  • Unequal access to education;
  • The quality of education in tertiary institutions;
  • Educational systems that make you “followers” instead of “thinkers”
  • Bargaining of higher education To write your article you can follow the guidelines proposed below.


  1.  The Pope francis talk about New Leadership in Laudato Si, N°53, 2015.
  2. Benedict XVI, Speech to the Diocese of Rome, 11 June 2007
  3. Annual magazine published by IMCS Pax Romana and shared worldwide
“The Education We Need”
  • Introduction (no more than 100 words): ·   Introducing the topic to be developed
  • Main topic (no more than 300 words): ·
    •  Development of the chosen topic
    • Why it is an important issue
    • Local/National reality regarding the chosen topic
    • Specific examples (short references, statistics etc)
  • Conclusion (no more than 160 words):
    • Conclusions and recommendations
    • What IMCS Pax Romana is doing and/or what could do about that situation[*]
[*] If IMCS Pax Romana (your local movement)  has actions on that field you can include pictures with a description  of it

All the articles should be sent back to IMCS Pax Romana Office before the 20th of December 2016. The contact e-mail is: