World Assembly

World Assembly of IMCS Pax Romana

“Bridging Our Worlds: Going Beyond Borders” (2011-Germany)

<span “>The first decade of the 21st century has been marked by a number of distinctive global phenomena: international economic crisis which has further disempowered the economically weak and marginalized, the increasing tension between the north and south, between cultures, and faith traditions.  Artisans for peace seek new ways of belonging together.  New strategies and alliances are required to confront the fragmentation and atomization of contemporary society.  The question is how do we belong together; what sort of identity do we want to construct for a new humanity.  A humanity which is respectful and tolerant, flexible and adaptable, and friendly to the earth. 

Some have reduced the university to being solely a preparation for particular careers.  IMCS Pax Romana sees a broader vocation and formation for the students.  It is an opportunity to create a new solidarity by challenging one’s self to go beyond our comfort zones and other boundaries.  This experience of university and development through IMCS Pax Romana forms students’ critical thinking and to develop the skills necessary to intervene in society for justice and peace.  

Peace-building requires at times that we ‘disturb the peace’; that we move from the common place, the accepted, the traditional ways of understanding which can stifle creativity and stunt human growth.  It is a disturbing of the peace which calls us to move beyond accepted boundaries and to create something new that the young, youth, dream and hope for.