Are you willing  to change the world and also be the change you wanted to see? Are you waiting for an opportunity to show your talent in  putting small transformatives ideas in short video? Here is one!!

As you all know, IMCS Pax Romana is committed to work towards building sustainable world using the framework of SDGS and the Catholic Social Teaching (Laudato Si).  We launched a campaign on sustainable lifestyles since last year as you can see in our annual report 2016 HERE and this opportunity is the second phasis of that campaign.

So as continuation of our actions we wanted to use short films as medium to spread the message. we have came across enormous talents during our training sessions in different countries. We have seen students who have talent of storytelling, who are keen in creation of media products. We are here to put forward an opportunity to all the striving storytellers to share their story of a cause with the world. So friends here we call you to actively participate in IMCS “Change for Planet Short Film Festival” and win interesting prices.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for dynamic, passionate, media interested, Change makers to come forward to be part of this competition. You have to be member IMCS national movement exist in your  country that is the only criteria. Submit the film, Promote it and win exciting prizes. You or your team should at least have a mobile phone with video recording option that’s enough. Very important point to note: Don’t worry if you don’t have prior media knowledge, we will take care of it, How? (it is briefed in process flow)

As a diverse movement exist in 80 countries we are looking for diverse stories which promote change for integral ecology. Stories should be focused on promoting the 11 lifestyle changes which helps us tackle that issue. For themes please look at the themes section.

How to participate

  1. Please fill in the online form below, Please click the link for registration form HERE ( Deadline  30th April 2017 at 12pm ECT)
  2. Have a small training and explanation session with IMCS Media Team,
  3. Prepare and submit your short film

What you get ?

  1. Get a chance to win exciting prizes.
  2. Opportunity to participate in international climate change events.
  3. Opportunity to screen your film in international film festivals.
  4. Opportunity to screen your film in many international platforms


First price: A flight to Italy (or another country out of the continent of the awardee) +  new  MacBook Air 13 pouces

Second Price: A flight to Italy (or another country out of the continent of the awardee) + Professional Camera

Third Price: A flight to Italy (Or another country out of the continent of the awardee)   + APPLE IPAD AIR 2

Themes (The eleven lifestyles)

  • Cut down the amount of electricity you use
  • Make public transport your priority
  • Eat less meat and fewer animal products
  • Share: Use less individually and more collectively
  • Get on your bike
  • Create a plastic free zone
  • Phase out fossil fuel use
  • Prepare your own meals
  • Don’t waste your food
  • Buy local food
  • Act now for Climate


  1. Short film duration from 3 to 5 minutes
  2. Out put format: mov/mp4/H.264
  3. Frame Rate: 24/25
  4. Submission type : Online
  5. Registration is FREE.
  6. Only one submission per person is allowed.
  7. Your entry will not be accepted if:
  • You haven’t completed and submitted the registration form.
  • You did not have a training session with IMCS Media Team after the online registration
  • Your film is over the 5 minute time limit (including titles and credits)
  • Your entry is not in by 14 June 2017.
  • Your entry is in violation of any of the terms and conditions with particular reference to issues of copyright on all aspects of the production.

For further informations, do contact:  or

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