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MAGAZINE FORUM 2017 on Migration Issues


  We are living in a time where conflicts around the world are increasing, the environment is being destroyed and more and more people are forced to move away from their countries. At the same time, the lack of opportunities, unemployment and unequal access to resources have been the root causes of migration. People fleeing war, conflicts and poverty, or simply looking for a better future and educational opportunities, often find themselves in a strange land where their human rights are not respected and there are no adequate policies for their protection.

  The insecurity that characterizes many parts of the world explains the globalization of the migration crisis which has been widely described as the largest humanitarian crisis after the World War II.   Although the causes of the conflicts are always shared between the international political actors and local leaders, it is surprising to see the inability of policies to provide a decent life to people forced to leave their countries. Moreover, as notified by Pope Francis, While it is true that migrations often reveal failures and shortcomings on the part of States and the international community, they also point to the aspiration of humanity to enjoy a unity marked by respect for differences, by attitudes of acceptance and hospitality which enable an equitable sharing of the world’s goods, and by the protection and the advancement of the dignity and centrality of each human being..

The absence of national adequate policies, lack of awareness and information, the existence of stereotypes and xenophobia are some of the reasons why receipting host countries do not effectively integrate refugees and migrants.  On the other hand, the solidarity principle of the social doctrine of the church and charity, one of the fundamental virtues of the Church, is to promote interpellation of all Christians to act against the indifference that trying to overwhelm men and women of good will.

The mission of the IMCS is to create leaders sensitive to their environment who can mobilize their communities for the common good. As it stands the topic of our study session, IMCSers’ vision is to “build bridges” around the world – bridges that will contribute to the promotion of the human dignity and the fundamental rights of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants. Solidarity for the ones who have fewer opportunities than us is one of our greatest values as Catholic youth and this globalization of indifference we are experiencing pushes us to take action.  Since reflection is the first step of action, we are glad to receive your thoughts, analysis, experiences on the theme of Migration (refugees and migrants) for the annual publication of the International office of IMCS: FORUM MAGAZINE 2017-2018.

What are the challenges your country is facing in regard to migration? What is your personal perspective on the issue? What can you as individual and as a member of a Catholic student’s movement can do in order to improve the lives of migrants and refugees? Is there any personal experience or from your national movement you can share?

To write your article you can follow the guidelines proposed below.         



  1.    Introduction (no more than 200 words):
  •         Introducing the topic to be developed
  1.    Main topic (no more than 500 words):
  •         Development of the chosen topic
  •         Why it is an important issue
  •         Local/National reality regarding the chosen topic
  •         Specific examples (short references, statistics etc)
  1.    Conclusion (no more than 200 words):
  •         Conclusions and recommendations
  •         What IMCS Pax Romana is doing and/or what could do about that situation

PS: For any quote, statistical data, do not forget to include the reference



DEADLINE FOR ARTICLE SUBMISSION: December 15th 2017 (article to be sent to

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