About IMCS

IMCS Pax Romana is the International Movement of Catholic Students which brings together over 80 diverse national federations, associations, and movements of Catholic university and tertiary students from six regions. Since 1921, when it was founded under the name of Pax Romana with the aim of promoting peace and justice at the global level, IMCS has been helping in the holistic formation of students around the globe.

As a Catholic students’ movement, IMCS’ main mission is the evangelisation of the student milieu. Students are encouraged to live their faith by getting involved in society, locally, nationally and internationally.

Since 1949, IMCS has been advocating on behalf of its members as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI), and United Nations Education Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO). IMCS is also active with regional inter-governmental and international bodies, such as the International Labour Organisation and the World Bank to voice the concerns of youth.

IMCS represents Catholic students within the Church as an international association of the lay Catholic faithful with a special relationship to the Pontifical Council for the Laity and the Secretariat of State of the Holy See.

Inspired by Jesus’ teachings and the Gospel values, IMCS encourages students to live a Spirituality in Action, linking faith, intellect and service of others through praying, reflecting, and acting on issues at all levels of society.

  • Robert Regnier

    I was at an IMCS meeting in Bochum Germany in 1967.
    I am interested in obtain, receiving minutes or some other accounts of the occurrence of that meeting. Might this be possible.
    I attended this meetings as representative of Canadian Catholic students.

    Bob Regnier

    • Imcs Miec

      Dear Robert

      Sorry for the late answer.

      We have many archives in hard copy and that make difficult to find the information you are asking.

      Even if we find the documents, we should scan it and that sometime is really difficult.

      I hope you can take contact with our former Canadian coordinator to support the transition of memory with the younger generations!

      Katrina Laquian: kat_laq@hotmail.com

  • Tom Miles

    I would love to connect with your representatives within sub Saharan Africa where you have representation. My interest is in evangelisation and work across sub Saharan Africa within the prisons, youth and relationship ministries. I am a lay man in full time ministry with Alpha International (tool for evangelisation) and work extensively with Catholic diocese’ across our continent.Thank you. Tom Miles, Archdiocese of Johannesburg

  • seanobriain1

    I too was at that IMCS international conference in Bochum Germany… a truly wonderful occasion. I was representing the ICMS (IACUS) branches in the Irish Universities, my own campus in Galway and also mandated by Universities in Dublin, Cork and Belfast.

    I recall a vigorous debate on the issue of apartheid in South Africa, where I joined with some other countries’ representatives in opposing apartheid… It caused some division at the conference as the South African delegate felt he had a loyalty to his own country’s government policy. I think we may have been ahead of our time!

    I recall the Canadian delegation… and got to know some of them – a very fine group of people. I spent two years after that in Ontario Canada and linked up with the alumni in the Newman Centre at Hoskin and St. George in Toronto.

    Following the Bochum conference we went on a tour of Germany, including a memorable, if rather scary, visit to East Berlin! It was a very different world then… and I feel some things have actually changed for the better.

    Back in Ireland now for over forty years and settled here in Dalkey, Co. Dublin – a retired public servant now in my early seventies… and married with two young daughters, one of whom inerestingly is now in Leipzig Germany, pursuing a career in music performance (viola).

    Bochum was very memorable – it seemed as if all the world was represented there.

    Best wishes to any and all of the 1967 IMCS/MIEC fraternity who may read this…

    God Bless All.

    Seán Ó Briain (aka John O’Brien) seanobriain6@gmail.com

  • Fredrick Wamalwa

    The problem I have with IMCS is that you have not invested enough time to convince somebody about what really is IMCS beyond the usual talk about ‘we are part of the UN’. Someone needs to sit down and draft a convincing note about what the movement really stands for. Its there, but it has not been written well.

    • Kule J. Yosia

      I hope this can answer you.

      Inspired by Jesus’ teachings and the Gospel values, IMCS encourages students to live a Spirituality in Action, linking faith, intellect and service of others through praying, reflecting, and acting on issues at all levels of society.